Attorney Profile

The profession of law appealed to me for many reasons, including the virtues of equality, impartiality, and accountability.After being mentored for the first two-and-one-half years of my career, I was led to open my own law firm on January 1, 1998. I decided to provide high quality service for two specific legal needs – injury cases and mediations – instead of trying to handle a wide variety of legal matters.

Many of my injury attorney colleagues have “high volume” practices handling over 100 cases at any given time. As a personal injury attorney in Jacksonville, I decided to run my practice differently. I purposely limit my injury file caseload to 20-30 cases at a time, so that I can know each file intimately and provide each of my personal injury clients with the high level of compassion, skill and personal attention that they deserve.

Perhaps the most humbling aspect of my work is being trusted to handle one’s injury claim or to help parties make peace. I do not take this trust lightly, nor do I expect it to be given without careful consideration of my qualifications as an attorney and my qualities as a person.

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