CT Scan (Computed Tomography, CAT Scan)

This scan lets doctors see inside your body by taking x-ray images from many angles. These are combined to show clear cross-section slices of parts of your body. A CT scan shows much more than a typical x-ray. It can show cancer and other problems.

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CT Scan (Computed Tomography, CAT Scan)

CT Scan (Computed Tomography, CAT Scan)


This diagnostic scan takes x-ray images from many angles, combining them to show doctors  clear cross-section slices of your body parts.  A CT scan shows much more than a typical x-ray and depicts structures that MRIs are inadequate to image.


You will need to remove your glasses, jewelry, and other metal items before you enter the CT scanner.  You will likely be given a hospital gown to wear and may be given medicine to help you relax.  Some patients have to drink, or be injected with, dye to allow the CT scanner to detect conditions in your body more clearly.

The Scan

You will lie on a table that slides into the ring-shaped CT scanner machine.  You will hear buzzing, clicking,  and whirling noises to indicate that the machine is scanning your body.  The table slowly moves to position you properly for whatever body region is being scanned.  You need to remain still so the scans are clear.  The process typically takes thirty minutes.  You will not be left alone.  There will be a medical technician in the nearby control room monitoring the scans and talking to you (through a speaker) to provide updates and explain what is happening.


You will not learn the results of your CT scan when the procedure is done.  Your doctor will schedule a follow-up visit with you to discuss your CT images and the treatments you will need as a result.

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