This surgery creates more space around your spinal nerves. It gets rid of pressure and pinching. It can relieve pain, numbness and weakness linked to spinal nerve compression.

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Laminotomy surgery creates more space around your spinal nerves.  This procedure eliminates nerve compression and the pain, weakness, and numbness that it caused.



You will lie face-down on the surgical table and be put to sleep by general anesthesia.  The surgeon makes an incision in your back to expose the involved vertebra.



Once the correct vertebra is identified, the surgeon removes part of its lamina.  The lamina is the bone forming the back of each vertebra and is part of what creates the spinal canal.  Removing the lamina will relieve compression on your spinal nerves.  The surgeon may also clear away any bone spurring.


End of procedure

When the procedure is finished, the incision is stitched or stapled closed.  You’ll be monitored until you wake up and for a few hours more.  Normally, you can return home the same day.

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