Rotator Cuff Repair – Arthroscopic Surgery

This surgery repairs a tear of the rotator cuff in your shoulder. The rotator cuff is group of muscles and tendons. It holds the head of the humerus in the shoulder socket.

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Rotator Cuff Repair – Arthroscopic Surgery

Rotator Cuff Repair – Arthroscopic Surgery


Rotator cuff surgery repairs injured tissues in your shoulder joint.  The rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons that collectively holds the “ball” of your upper arm bone in the “socket” of your shoulder joint.



In preparation for the surgery, you lie on your back and are anesthetized.  Your surgeon makes a few small hole openings in your skin through which the surgery will take place.  An arthroscopic camera is inserted into one of the openings, and surgical tools are used in the other openings.


Correcting Issues

Your surgeon carefully inspects your shoulder and removes any loose bone or tendon fragments.  Your surgeon may also shave some bone from the underside of the scapula’s acromion to prevent it from pinching  rotator cuff tissues.


Repairing the Tear

The surgeon then repairs the tear, often using sutures, anchors or other devices, depending on the severity of the tear and what tissues are involved.


End of Procedure

When the procedure is complete, the openings in your skin are closed and bandaged.  Your arm may be placed in a sling to immobilize it.  Physical therapy will be provided to help you regain shoulder strength and range of motion.


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