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Sacroiliac Joint Pain

Your sacroiliac joints (we call them the “SI” joints) are the places where your hips meet your spine. These joints don’t have a lot of flexibility, but they do move slightly as you move your body. And if SI joints become damaged or diseased, it can be painful.

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Sacroiliac Joint Pain

Sacroiliac Joint Pain


Your sacroiliac joints (often called “SI” joints) are where your hips meet your spine. These joints don’t have much flexibility but do move slightly as you move your body.  Injured or damaged SI joints cause pain.



Sacroiliac joints hurt when tiny nerves become irritated. These nerves can be irritated from injury, arthritis, or if the supporting ligaments weaken and allow too much motion at the joint.



SI joint pain starts in your lower back and buttock, but can also radiate down to your hip, groin and thigh. Your leg may feel weak, numb, or tingly.  You may feel SI joint pain when you are moving, standing, sitting, lying down, or transitioning between any of these positions.  SI joint pain is usually felt on just one side, but can be bilateral if both joints are affected.



Treatment options include physical therapy or injections of medicine into your joint.  A non-invasive outpatient procedures called radiofrequency ablation (“RFA”) can be used to stop the nerve endings from sending pain signals to your brain.  More severe sacroiliac joint conditions may require surgery.

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