Vertebral Subluxation

Your spine is made up of bones called “vertebrae.” They are connected by spinal discs and other soft tissues. This lets your spine bend and twist. If a vertebra shifts out of its normal position, we call that a “subluxation.” This misalignment can injure the nerves that pass through your spine.

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Vertebral Subluxation

Vertebral Subluxation


Your spine is made up of many structures including bones called vertebrae.  Subluxation occurs when a vertebra shifts forward out of position.  This bone misalignment can compress nerves that exit the spinal canal causing a variety of symptoms.



Subluxation can be caused by normal activity and the wear and tear of aging.  It can also be caused by physical exertion or injury.



Symptoms depend on which vertebra is subluxed and how that affects the related nerve.  Spinal nerves flow out of the spinal canal into your arms and legs.  As a result, a subluxation of a cervical (neck) vertebra may cause pain, numbness, weakness, and tingling in your arms and hands.  A lumbar (low back) vertebral subluxation may cause symptoms in your legs and feet.


Care and Management

A chiropractor can help find subluxations and can realign your vertebrae.  Physical therapy or massage therapy can also ease muscle tension that can contribute to subluxation.

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