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Victims of crashes find themselves in a very unfamiliar place. They often don’t know what to do about their cars and their bodies. How does the insurance work? Do I pay the medical bills, or use car insurance, or use health insurance? Are there deductibles?

What are my rights?

The law that applies to motor vehicle crashes is complex and confusing. Florida has a “no fault” insurance system for crashes, which provides a specialized insurance product (personal injury protection) that brings benefits and detriments. Personal injury protection benefits (PIP) works like a limited health insurance and disability insurance, paying a portion of medical bills and wage losses regardless of who caused them. Certain restrictions apply, according to statute and the coverage options purchased on the policy.

This “no fault” law also imposes a significant limitation to recovery of anything other than medical bills and lost wages. To recover for any other type of loss – like pain, disfigurement, and loss of capacity to enjoy life – a victim must suffer a permanent injury. There are different ways to satisfy this “permanency threshold”.

How Can a Jacksonville Car Accident Lawyer Help?

At times like this, you need a Jacksonville car accident attorney to help you through the process and advocate your best interests. Claims adjusters have a different focus. While most do their jobs ethically and within the bounds of the law, all claims adjusters work for the insurance companies, which are profit driven entities. Having a Jacksonville personal injury attorney at your side helps to “level the playing field” and makes sure that your best interests are effectively presented and pursued.

While having an advocate is good, having a Board Certified advocate that commands the respect of the claims adjusters is even better. To become Board Certified in Civil Trial, I had to accumulate extensive trial (courtroom) experience, high peer reviews, and high scores on the intense examination. Only 7% of Florida lawyers have achieved the level of Board Certification.

I became Board Certified to help my clients get better settlement offers, because claims adjusters place a higher “value” on claims handled by Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyers like myself. Why? The adjusters know that I will go the distance if need be, unlike many other Jacksonville personal injury lawyers who fear the courtroom, never go to trial, and always settle their client’s claims, even if for an insufficient amount. They can’t settle claims “on the cheap” with me.

Blane McCarthy, Car Accident Attorney in Jacksonville

I’d be honored to speak with you further about your crash-related personal injury needs. Consultations are always free, and I get paid as a percentage of the recovery. Let’s talk.

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