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I have no pity for drunk drivers. These menaces to society recklessly endanger lives. Thankfully, the court system has a powerful remedy and sanction for drunk drivers who crash into victims. DUI victims not only have the right to pursue recovery for their actual losses, but also PUNITIVE DAMAGES, which are designed to punish the drunk driver and to deter other drunks from getting behind the wheel of a car and driving drunk.

There are restrictions and procedural requirements for fully pursuing DUI victim claims, but the rewards for success can be great – both recovering monetary compensation for victims and “sending a message” that our society will not tolerate drunk driving, will punish those who drive drunk and will fully compensate victims. By pursuing a punitive damages claim against a drunk driver, you are helping other would-be victims by giving drunks a strong monetary disincentive to getting behind the wheel and endangering good people like you.

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As a Jacksonville DUI victims lawyer, I can advocate your best interests and help you through the process.  Claims adjusters working for insurance companies are trained to minimize claim payouts to increase company profits.  You need someone who is trained to maximize the claim payout for your loss.  An experienced Jacksonville personal injury attorney helps to “level the playing field” and pursue your best interests.

More than that, I am a Board Certified advocate that commands the respect of the claims adjusters.  Board Certification in Civil Trial requires courtroom experience (more than 15 jury trials), passing an intense certification test, and high peer reviews.  It is a difficult standard that few meet.  Only 7% of Florida lawyers are Board Certified.

My Board Certification helps bring larger settlement offers.   Why?  Insurance companies know which lawyers will take cases to trial and which won’t.   Cases with Board Certified lawyers don’t settle “on the cheap” because, unlike most other personal injury lawyers, Board Certified lawyers go the distance.  Adjusters often pay more on those claims to avoid trial expenses and the increased risk of a large jury verdict.

Jacksonville DUI Victims Attorney, Blane McCarthy

I’d be honored to speak with you further about your DUI victim claims, because I thoroughly enjoy pursuing punitive damages against drunk drivers. Consultations are always free, and I get paid as a percentage of the recovery. I want to help you get what you deserve and help others from needlessly becoming victims of drunk driving. Let’s talk.

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