Jacksonville Mediation Lawyer

As a Certified Circuit Mediator, I help bring peaceful resolutions to disputes in a way that is quick, professional and inexpensive. Almost all state and federal judges now require lawsuits to go through Mediation. It is often the last best chance for the parties to control the outcome themselves. The alternative – trusting a jury of six strangers – is usually less appealing.

Many businesses and individuals are wisely seeking the early help of a Mediator before spending unnecessary time and money in a lawsuit. As a Jacksonville mediation lawyer I am pleased to conduct presuit Mediations.

The Florida Supreme Court’s certification process is designed to ensure that Mediators are properly trained and skilled to help bring peace to disputes. Since my certification in the year 2000, I have been referred cases by judges, attorneys, businesses, individuals, the Better Business Bureau, and the State of Florida. As a Florida Mediator I have mediated a wide variety of legal issues, including Personal Injury, Commercial, Probate, Foreclosure, Consumer, Nursing Home, Insurance, Collections, and PIP cases.

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