Jacksonville Personal Injury Lawyer

As a Jacksonville Personal Injury Lawyer, I give my clients individual, personal attention with Christian compassion. Innocent victims quickly learn that injuries not only hurt a person physically, but also financially, emotionally and relationally. Injuries often force victims to miss work, sometimes permanently damaging their ability to perform at their job. Victims are frequently unable to fully enjoy their hobbies and recreation, greatly reducing their quality of life. Sadly, their injuries often burden their loved ones and can forever alter their relationships.

I handle most types of injury claims, except for medical negligence claims against doctors and workers compensation claims. I help victims who have been injured by:

My clients have suffered a wide spectrum of injuries – from broken fingers to catastrophic third-degree burns to death.

The majority of cases involve non-catastrophic injuries, such as herniated disks, injured joints and broken bones. While they may not leave visible scars, these injuries often result in permanent pains and physical limitations. My involvement and representation has helped “even the playing field” between my injury victim client and the insurance adjuster who is trained to dispute injury claims.

An example of a more severe injury case involved an industrial fire, which caused my client to suffer third-degree burns over eighty percent of his body. To this day, he is the most severely injured patient at the regional Burn Unit to have ever survived. My client used the funds we recovered to improve his living arrangements and quality of life.

I have also assisted individuals whose loved ones were killed through the neglect of others. While no recovery can erase such tragic losses, I am glad that my services have helped the survivors face tomorrow and better preserve the memories of the dearly departed.

As a Jacksonville injury attorney who has assisted hundreds of injury victims, I can explain insurance issues and legal rights, and can help victims protect their livelihood, lifestyle and loved ones.