Jacksonville Wrongful Death Attorney

Jacksonville Wrongful Death Lawyer 

Death may be inevitable, but it should not happen because of the wrongdoing of another. When the injury event results in death, a larger group of people feel the pain and losses. You are suffering a unique pain, partly the grief over losing your loved one and partly the agony of knowing that your loved one’s life was shortened wrongfully. Florida’s Wrongful Death Act spells out who is entitled to make a claim for another person’s death, identifies the types of claims that can be pursued, and establishes the time frames within which wrongful death claims must be pursued.

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If you are like most victims, you have no training and experience in handling claims.  It would be unwise to try and handle your own case against a professional claims adjuster.   Hiring a Jacksonville wrongful death lawyer “levels the playing field” and maximizes your best interests.

Not all lawyers are equal.  Board Certified advocates command a higher level of respect from the claims adjuster.  To become Board Certified in Civil Trial, I had to successfully pass an intense examination, receive high peer reviews, and have conducted a large number of jury trials. Very few meet these standards, which is why only 7% of Florida lawyers have received Board Certification.

I became Board Certified so that my clients will get higher settlement offers.   Why?  I am not afraid to go to trial, and have done so many times.  For that reason, claims adjusters pay more on claims handled by Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyers like myself.  I will not let my clients be pressured or bullied into settling their claims “on the cheap”.

Jacksonville Wrongful Death Attorney, Blane McCarthy

As a Jacksonville personal injury attorney, I’d be honored to speak with you further about your losses due to the wrongful death of your loved one. Consultations are always free, and I get paid as a percentage of the recovery. Let’s talk.

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