General Negligence

Negligence is the “the failure to use reasonable care”, which can lead to serious injuries from a variety of unsafe conditions and behaviors.

General Negligence

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How Can A General Negligence Lawyer Help?

There are many ways that good people can become badly injured. Other pages on my website discuss specific common scenarios, but that is not an exhaustive list. I have assisted general negligence victims who were hurt on the job (for claims beyond workers compensation), victims who were harmed by pharmacy errors, victims of negligent pool supervision, victims of dog attacks, and many other scenarios. Florida’s “tort” laws provide statutory protection for victims who were hurt by the general negligence of others. Unfortunately, this is an all-too-common scenario.

If you have become a victim of another’s negligence, I can help guide you through the process and advocate your best interests. Claims adjusters are trained to help their employer make a profit by paying as little as possible for each claim.  You will be outmatched if you do not have an experienced attorney at your side to help “level the playing field”.

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Common Questions

People often ask the following questions when they’ve been injured because someone else was careless.

What are my options if I am hurt on my job?

Typically, an injured worker is limited to workers compensation remedies.  However, if your work injury was from a defective product, a dangerous driver, or carelessness of someone you don’t work with, you may have other options.  I would be happy to discuss your facts to see if you can go beyond workers compensation.

How do I recover money from a dog bite?

The owner of a dog is legally responsible for dog bite injuries.  While this type of claim normally falls under the dog owner’s renters/homeowners insurance coverage, most insurance policies exclude coverage for dog bites.  Let’s talk to see if your dog bit injury can be productively pursued.

What can I do when a product malfunctions and hurts me?

Defective products can be very dangerous, even lethal.  Florida and federal law provides victims with certain rights and remedies, but product liability claims are very expensive, time-consuming, and complicated.  You should speak with a lawyer to see if your claim is viable.

Why You Need Blane McCarthy

While having a personal injury attorney is good, it is even better to have a Board Certified advocate that commands the respect of the claims adjusters.  Board Certification is a rigorous credential that requires extensive courtroom experience, successful passing of the 2-day written exam, and high peer reviews.

Only 7% of Florida lawyers have achieved the level of Board Certification.

Cases handled by Board Certified lawyers generally get higher settlement offers because claims adjusters know that we are not afraid to go to trial.  My Board Certification in Civil Trial is not just a personal achievement, but also a value adder to your claim.

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