Personal Bio

Much of who I am is due to the upbringing that my parents and family provided. The rest of who I am is due to the love, grace and mercy of my Heavenly Father.

Personal Bio

Personal Bio

I was born and raised in South Florida. Much of who I am is due to the upbringing that my parents and family provided. The rest of who I am is due to the love, grace and mercy of my Heavenly Father. I was born again in high school, shortly after the tragic death of a close friend in a fatal crash that nearly involved me. In reflecting back on my life, I saw the many blessings and protections that God provided throughout my life. I was not worthy of His love and kindness. Coming to this truth was the most freeing discovery of my life. Accepting His gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ, I strove to please Him with the rest of my days and follow His leading whenever it arose.

I met my wife in college and we were married on May 21, 1994 before my final year of law school. Jennifer graciously served as the family’s sole breadwinner while I continued my studies. This was the first of many sacrifices that my loving bride has made for our family and my wellbeing. I am daily honored and awed by her friendship, love and trust. Jennifer is yet another gift from God of which I am not worthy.

We are thrilled to call Jacksonville, Florida “home” and plan to spend the rest of our lives here. The people of Jacksonville are gracious and hospitable, and the morals and values of the community match ours. Our wonderful church family has helped us grow closer together and closer to God. They, along with our other friends, have helped us raise our three sons – Jonah (born in 2002), Andrew (born in 2005), and James (born in 2008). The joy parenthood brings has far surpassed our very high expectations and by it we are daily reminded of God’s goodness and love.Blane G McCarthy

While we have only been here since 1995, we intend to plant our family roots in Jacksonville so that they run as deep and broad as those of the many majestic oak trees that landscape our lovely city. I know of no better place to spend my professional and personal life, and no other place in which I would rather raise a family. This is the greatest city in the greatest country in the world. I am truly blessed.

With these blessings come responsibility. “Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others…” 1 Peter 4:10. I have tried to lead by serving, to better others and to honor God. As noted in my Professional Qualifications page, I have used my legal training to serve homeless residents of the City Rescue Mission’s LifeBuilders’ Program with free legal aid through the Christian Legal Society’s Pro Bono Project. Much of my public service has been to and through my church. I have been a Deacon (ordained in 1998), a Trustee, the church Treasurer, and a long-time Bible Study Option teacher. Since 2004, I have been the Adult Ministries Director, a part-time staff position in charge of our church’s small group ministries, adult Bible study program, and ASK Outreach ministry. To learn more, please go to

I have shared my faith and personal story so that you are fully informed as to my personal qualities and values. Please know that I will not force my faith upon you and will respect your right to privacy and choice on such personal matters.

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