Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Pain, numbness and tingling in your hand may be from carpal tunnel syndrome. It happens when the area around the main nerve to your hand is too tight. The nerve is called the median nerve. And the small space in your wrist where it passes is called the carpal tunnel.

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


Pain, numbness and tingling in your hand may be caused by carpal tunnel syndrome.  This condition arises when the space in the carpal tunnel of your wrist decreases or otherwise irritates the median nerve that runs through it.

Causes and Risk Factors

Any crowding of the median nerve can cause this problem. Traumatic wrist injuries, diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis can all crowd or irritate the median nerve. Conditions that cause your body to retain fluid may also cause it, as can having a smaller than normal carpal tunnel. Another suspected cause of carpal tunnel syndrome is repetitive motion of the hands and wrists, including typing and computer use. Statistics show that women have higher risk of acquiring carpal tunnel syndrome.


Carpal tunnel syndrome can weaken your grip and cause numbness or tingling in your hand, your fingers, or your thumb.  While usually suffered in only one hand, carpal tunnel syndrome can be bilateral (both hands).


To reduce your carpal tunnel symptoms, you may need to rest your hand and avoid the activities that cause flare ups.  Using ice, supportive wrist braces, medications, and injections may also alleviate your symptoms.  If they don’t, surgery may be an option.

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