Ankle Fracture Surgery

This surgery fixes an unstable break in your ankle. The break could be in the small bone of your lower leg, called the “fibula” or the larger bone, called the “tibia.” Sometimes, they’re both broken. Your surgeon will stabilize your bones so your ankle can heal.

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Ankle Fracture Surgery

Ankle Fracture Surgery


The ankle “breaks” when there is a fracture in the small bone of your lower leg (the fibula), a fracture in the larger bone (the tibia), or both.  Surgery may be required, so that your ankle bones can be stabilized to heal.


Most ankle fracture surgeries require general anesthesia, where the patient is put to sleep. The surgeon will open up your ankle by making incisions in your skin a various locations.  The surgeon will carefully inspect your ankle and remove any loose pieces of bone that are found.


Surgeons operate on broken bones when they believe the bones need to be held together internally.  Surgical hardware – such as screws, plates, rods, or wires – will be used to stabilize the broken bones and keep them aligned for full healing.

End of Procedure

When the surgery is finished, the incisions are closed by stitches or staples. To eliminate any movement at the surgery site, your ankle is immobilized by a hard brace, splint, or cast.  You are watched for a brief time and will most likely be sent home that same day.  You will have follow-up visits with your surgeon or doctor, and will likely be referred to physical therapy.

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