Lisfranc Injury Surgery

This surgery repairs an injury of the Lisfranc joint complex. That’s a cluster of small bones and ligaments in the midfoot. This surgery stabilizes broken or dislocated bones.

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Lisfranc Injury Surgery

Lisfranc Injury Surgery


The Lisfranc joint complex is a cluster of small bones and ligaments in the middle foot.  Fractured or dislocated bones in this joint often require surgery to repair.



To prepare for surgery, you are put to sleep under general anesthesia.  The surgeon cuts an incision along the top of your foot to expose the Lisfranc joint.  After careful visual examination, your surgeon determines the correct surgical method and begins the procedure.



Your surgeon may use screws, plates, wires, or other specialized implants to realign and stabilize the bones in your Lisfranc joint.  Your surgeon may also decide to fix your bones together so that they fuse into one solid bone mass.


End of procedure

At the end of the surgery, your incision is stitched closed.  Your foot is bandaged and protected with a splint.  You will not be allowed to put weight on your foot for some time and will be put into a cast or hard boot as part of your post-surgery recovery.

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