Hip Fracture

This is a break of the upper part of your femur. The femur is the long bone in your upper leg. At the top of the femur is the “head.” This is the ball that fits into your hip socket. A hip fracture may happen at the “neck” of the femur (the thin portion of bone under the head). Fractures may also happen below the neck.

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Hip Fracture

Hip Fracture


Hip fractures are typically breaks of the femur, the long  “thighbone” in your upper leg.  These breaks are usually in the femur’s “neck”,  below the “ball” that the femur’s top makes for this hip joint.



Hip fractures are mostly caused by traumatic events, like car crashes or falls.  Elderly people are more susceptible to hip fractures, because of their weaker aging bones.  Even normal activities can fracture the hip of an elderly person with osteoporosis.



A broken hip is painful.  You will not be able to put weight on the injured leg and may find that it turns outward or seems shorter.  Your broken hip will likely bruise, swell, and stiffen.



Hip fractures almost always require surgery.  The surgeon will either use plates and screws to fix the broken bone in place, or may need to perform a hip replacement.  Physical therapy will be required post-surgery.

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